Moribund, by Gimcrack Productions, is to be the first full-length

collaboration between myself and my multi-talented partner in crime, Rosie Kohl.


A devised piece with a strong cabaret flair, Moribund will offer through song, dance and plenty else besides,

a jaunty, challenging examination of death and Western preconceptions about mortality and dying... the meantime, though if you'd just love to get involved yourself, why not become part of the fun yourself? HERE and HERE you'll find a modest raft of thought-provoking questions on the very subject matter that the show will use as its basis - so come, come be a part of our creative process! Anonymity is guaranteed, of course - though you may drop us a name if you'd like us to tip our jaunty hats to you when it comes to creating our programmes.


For now, though, feast your eyes on this delicate smattering of teaser photographs, lovingly shot by the eminently splendid Matthew Lumb of Plainview Media...

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