Return of the Heydays

Darlow Smithson's 2012 documentary tracing the fate of the 9/11 flights through phone calls made between flight and ground crew. Follow this link to see my part in the full-length documentary for the National Geographic Channel.

"Return of the Heydays" was my first outing with Within Film.
Directed by Joe Mercer-Holland and backed up with a terrific cast and crew,

this was a fantastic start to a run of shorts with Within Film. See this 5-minute short here.

Men Without Women

Shot over the course of about four hours one drizzly Friday morning, the 5-minute

short "Men Without Women" was my second collaboration with Within Films.

Directed by Alex Lloyd, it's a wonderfully bizarre little piece. Enjoy it here.

Position Filled

Directed by Sam Harvey of Spinning Glass Films, "Position Filled" is a wacky short comedy

about a young woman at a job interview who went out for "just one drink" the night before...
While the film awaits festival entries, it's not publicly available. Watch this space for a live web link in a few months...



Another work with Within Film, this time under the direction of Stuart MacDonald, Tocks is a 20-minute short about an old man defending his failing watch repair business from the corporate machine...
At time of writing, Tocks is still in post-production. Web link should be up and running shortly.


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