Some of the many reviews I've garnered over the years...

Collie is the highlight of the night. Unpredictable, engaging, and wholly believable. At times we sympathise with him, at others we detest him. Collie’s comic timing and real time reactions are brilliant. He brings a natural subtlety and vulnerability to the role, with the right amount of underlying of cruelty.                                         - Female Arts

Collie captures much of his character's complex mix of neediness, selfishness and battered pride ... his performance is well-paced and intelligent.        - One Stop Arts

Collie imbues Garcin with both sardonic wit and passionate intensity. He has a great command of the stage and the text, and his gravitas is often the guiding force during the play.              - What's Peen Seen

"George Collie, simultaneously louche and gregarious, plays tortured artist Baz with zeal and vigour in equal measures, encapsulating the vivacity you imagine Wilde himself possessed."                                                                      - The Express

"His effeminacy, sarcasm and posturing create successful comedy ... it’s clear that Collie is talented, and his truly emotive monologue of the final week of Princess Diana's life created a tense and powerful moment that, despite my inhibitions, reeled me in."    - One Stop Arts

"His foppish sulks and impeccable comic timing make you count the moments until his next line."                     - Diva Magazine

"George Collie as Baz gets some of the biggest laughs of the night, and has lots of fun with his representation of a louche, queer artist."                            - Female Arts

"Of all of Dorian's 'human friends ... the self-effacting gay artist Baz, played in a standout performance by George Collie, is the most sympathetic."                        - Hackney Citizen

"George Collie's Baz brings humour and camp to the stage - a true ghost of Wilde's voice."
- Everything Theatre


By Jean-Paul Sartre - 2014


By Rob Johnstone - 2013


By Don Fried - 2013

"A powerful ensemble ... most notably George Collie as Sigray who gives his initially bumbling character an unexpected sympathetic edge."                                            - Write Out Loud

"George Collie gave a great comedic performance as the goofy lawyer..."                        - Hackney Hive

"...George Collie who, with his cunning dialogue and comedic style, filled the play with everything else it needed. He balanced everything well, to the point where I feel tempted to say his acting was as crucial as that of Mia Zara in the main role."                                                                                                                                                                                            - Theatre In London

"The show is almost stolen by the comedic genius of Lorand Sigray, the Judge, played by George Collie... his carefully constructed foppish delivery is reminiscent of a stand-up comic or a sketch show..."                                    - Female Arts

"George Collie as the just man of the law, Sigray, is another notable performance, supplying much needed comic relief in Act 2 without over doing it."          - Bargain Theatre Land


By Duncan Stevens - 2012

"George Collie is excellent as the snobbish Richard..."
                                                                    - UK

"From the coke snorting to the agonising embarrassment, Collie is a riot."                                          - Blogger’s review

" wealthy investment banker, ‘so we all made a few mistakes a few years ago’ Richard (played as a coke-snorting trader at full-throttle by George Collie)."                     - The Lady

"Richard (George Collie) and Rachel (Sarita Plowman), are the world's most obnoxious pair and prompt a laughter soundtrack from the audience from the moment they flounce through the door."
                                                                       - Stoke Newington People

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