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I'm George Collie, professional Games Master and weaver of strange and elaborate fantasy. I run live role play games both via online platforms and in person.
Are you on the lookout for entertainments, escapism, and excellent times with friends in the age of social distancing? Then I have just the thing - magic, intrigue and action await!
Is your interest piqued by the recent explosion of Dungeons & Dragons? Or perhaps you're an avid fan with a history of D&D playing since Gygax penned his first adventure?  Whatever your experience level you can hire me to run a D&D game via Rolldark Game Master Agency. From single-evening 'one-shot' adventures to longer ongoing campaigns, check out what's on offer at Rolldark and hire me via their booking system. 

Do you love escape rooms? Crave puzzles? Enjoy hanging out in ventilation shafts? Then book now for an evening's escapade of intrigue and espionage! A daring heist or infiltration mission with The Adventure is Real is a perfect evening's entertainment.
If you're not a D&D fan, or just fancy a change, there might be a game system you're desperate to try - get in touch and I can run the setting of your choice. From Honey Heist to Call of Cthulhu, Monster of  the Week to Blades in the Dark, Vampire the Masquerade to Lazers and Feelings, the possibilities are endless. 
If you're new to all these shenanigans and the endless barrage of rules is all a bit much, you can hire me for help with navigating every step along the way. Or if you're a DM looking to hone some skills, bounce ideas and take your players' experience to the next level, I'm here to help! Whether it's building characters from scratch or understanding the finer points of spellcasting, you can book me for an individual consultation to provide clarity and confidence, so you can approach your next session with the flair and finesse of a drunk bard in a packed tavern.