D&D Supplements

As an avid homebrewer, I've fostered a real love for creating my own content, and DMsGuild offers the perfect marketplace for such things. 

Designed with creativity, humour and enabling interesting roleplay in mind, these supplements have been tremendously well received, almost all earning a Bestseller's Badge, and the second in the series, An Alphabet of Uncommon Magic Items, being featured on the front page of the DMsGuild's mailout.

Each presents 26 of the weird, wild and wonderful pieces of arcane gimcrackery to tumble out of my imagination - described in vivid and full detail for both flavour and game mechanics, and many with illustrations by the very wonderful Genevieve Edwards

And all available for Pay What You Can!




I'm always turning out new content and there are plenty more to come - weapons, armour, potions, spells... it's always worth checking back in to find out what I've gone and invented now...

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"I love it. There found a lot of inspiration and items that I want to give to my players. Thank you very much."

Hubertus K, for Uncommon Magic Items

"Includes some really clever magic items! Loved the Pocket Apothecary, Fox Gloves, Swopsies, MunchRug, and Bestie rings in particular."
For Uncommon Magic Items

"Nice to have lists that don't feel mundane and are creative, and I bought the whole range of publications as a gift for a DM friend. He loved them and is going to work them into loot for his sessions."
Tina M, for Common Magic Items

"The descriptions were really entertaining to read and I can absolutely see myself incorporating these into a future campaign ... feels like a quality product."
Hubertus K, for Uncommon Magic Items

"This series keeps getting better. Items are clever and entertaning in their description and the illustrations really bring it to life. Can't wait for the next one!"

Hannah T, for Rare Magic Items