How Did It Come To This?

A professional actor in theatre, tv and film for over a decade, I first began my career in immersive theatre. Working with Punchdrunk on their spectacular show The Masque of the Red Death (2008) led me down the rabbit-hole of immersive performance and live games. Since then I have worked with Coney, Second Skin Theatre, Gimcrack Productions and multiple other companies on work that has the audience experience at heart.

In 2015 I began compering cabaret performances, bringing my skills to the dynamic, no-fourth-wall world of glitter, glamour and audience interaction. My cabaret persona Driscoll Bleak has wreaked delicious havoc across cabaret stages and festivals, most notably The Apothecary Cabaret where he is a frequent host, and Neverworld festival. At around this time, my avid love of games and performing brought me to DMing my first D&D game… and I’ve never looked back. Years of improvisation and professional acting work, training, and skill has informed my approach to crafting magical worlds, characters, and storylines so that I can deliver a gaming experience like no other to every player I am lucky enough to work with. 

For a peek at some recent acting work, check out my role as Richard in the indie comedy-horror film Benny Loves You (2020) from Darkline Entertainment, which has gained an incredibly positive reception (link here).


"George's captivating story telling and great sense of humour have made for a thrilling and fun campaign. It's been a really welcome escape during difficult times, thank you!"
- Simon C

"George is an excellent DM - firm but fair and with a real talent for storytelling. He sets the scene beautifully and all the different voices he uses keep you locked into the story."

- Abbi H

"I really like the way George does a great job of sticking to the rules, but brings to life the story with real top 'theatre of the mind' descriptions, backed up by his superb performance skills as each of his NPC's are brought to life. I thoroughly enjoy each and every game of his I have played so far!  TOP GM."
- Nathan M


"An outstanding DM - as well as making for well-paced, fluid gaming sessions he provides a great mix of support for new players, a sense-check for the more experienced and an approachable contact between games for asking advice. Highly recommended!"
- Graeme D

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